3900x 2080 super bottleneck

Overall Review: Overall, the hardware is fair of quality. Benchmarking two M. No complaints there. System was not assembled with care. If you can get past the noisy fans, GPU, and lack of customization, and lack of care in assembly Then this system is a pretty decent value. Pros: This has been a good computer. I bought it about 4 months ago and have waited to write a review until I had some time to work with it, and so far it has delivered exceptionally.

It's got a nice case, the illumination is fun and it's a power house. But did fine in the PCiex4 I suspect that it is the card manufacturer, not the board itself. And so far the card has handled everything I've thrown at it.

For a desk top that has as many fans as it has, it's pretty quiet. Not as quiet as a laptop, but pretty quiet. Lint screen on the bottom intake fans, easy to clean.

Cons: Con, only 2 USB ports on the top. But that's not too much of an issue. Easily solved with a USB splitter. The Wifi is a dongle, and that does work well.

The exhaust fans for the CPU coolant is not as easy to clean, but then again, air is being blown out of the box there so lint shouldn't be too much of an issue. Overall Review: I would absolutely recommend this product to a friend. It's stylish, not overly obnoxious with the lighting, The Bios was easy to work with. It came already overclocked. Overall I am very pleased with this computer.

Well worth the money.

Ryzen 9 3900X vs. Core i9-9900K: Gaming Performance Scaling

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3900x 2080 super bottleneck

Are you an E-Blast Insider? Close double click image to zoom in. Ryzen 9 3rd Gen X 3. Jadon A. Verified Owner.

3900x 2080 super bottleneck

Did you? Manufacturer Response:. Hi Jadon, We are very sorry for the inconvenience that you've experienced.A natural and healthy way of looking at things when taking into consideration a new gaming build or upgrading your current, is basing your graphics card purchase decision on the resolution and refresh rate of your primary gaming monitor. The following sections will be explaining the value of suitable CPUs for the various gaming resolutions and refresh rates.

The CPU can be overclocked to a daily and sustainable 5. It also delivers great performance on the other mentioned resolutions but other CPUs can offer better-suited performance per dollar. The AMD Ryzen 5 is a true powerhouse for such a small and power-efficient chip and represents the current best value all-around CPU for both mid and high-end builds. The stock cooler that comes in the box will be enough in most cases; we recommend trying it before purchasing any overkill aftermarket cooler that will only somewhat improve full-load noise.

This CPU will do slightly better in gaming than the R5 and be more future proof thanks to its 8 cores and 16 threads.

CLEAN Ryzen 9 3900X + RTX 2060 Super Video Editing PC Build Timelapse

Thanks to its abundant resources and superior SMT Simultaneous Multi-Threading implementation, the X is a great all-arounder that can game, stream, record and edit at the same time without breaking a sweat. If you are looking for the best gaming CPU offer currently on the market that will pair with the RTX Super and you are also doing some multitasking on the side the X is great and should be shortlisted.

Its a great performer for a mid-high end build that focuses on gaming only and can be paired with the RTX Super at p hz resolutions and up. It does perform competitively in average fps with the other chips when paired with the high-end RTX Super but it has frame pacing and consistency issues in heavy-CPU games, sometimes causing stuttering. As it can be seen, the RTX Super can stretch its legs in gaming alongside a broad range of consumer CPUs that are currently retailing.

The decision on which CPU to buy should be made after considering what you will be doing with your PC as some CPUs are great all-arounders, some are great gaming chips and some are multi-threaded beasts that can also game very well. Skip to primary navigation Skip to main content Skip to primary sidebar. View on Amazon. You may also like. Connect with D. I allow to create an account. When you login first time using a Social Login button, we collect your account public profile information shared by Social Login provider, based on your privacy settings.

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Ryzen 5 Ryzen 7 X.Having tested 3rd-gen Ryzen processors with the GeForce RTX Ti extensively, our idea behind this new feature is to add mainstream and budget GPUs to the mix in a benchmark run that reflects more settings and resolutions gamers will likely use when tuning their PCs for gaming. Moreover, rather than simply testing the more theoretical p resolution which helps avoiding bottlenecks in graphics tests, we have added p results as well.

As for quality settings, we didn't stick to the usual ultra-type settings, instead finding it convenient to cover ultra, high and medium type presets for the purpose of showing scaling results. All up this leaves us with four GPUs to test at two resolutions with three quality presets. That means that for each CPU, every game tested will require 72 benchmark runs, reporting an average of three runs for each test.

With four games selected, that puts us near the benchmark run mark, which took just over three 16 hour sessions of doing nothing but benchmarking to get this data -- let's share Steve's pain for a second. Our test system used G. Auto overclocking features such as MCE or PBO were disabled, so the results are out of the box performance for this hardware normalized by using some quality cooling. First up we have the p ultra quality World War Z results.

Then as we drop down to the RX which is still pushing well over fps at p, all three tested CPUs deliver basically the same performance.

If we look at the Super it seems like Intel is being favored here, as both the X and are limited to around fps. In contrast to this, the RX allows the X to match the K, while the drops off here. As expected though, given what we saw at p, the RX creates a strong GPU bottleneck that neutralizes any and all margins.

Lowering the quality preset to high sees very little change in performance to what was seen with ultra quality and the margins all remain much the same.

World War Z at p medium settings test shows similar scaling to the p ultra results. Moving on to some Far Cry New Dawn testing and first up we have the p ultra results. Also as expected very little difference between the two CPUs can be seen with the RX and again we find the exact same performance with the RX Moving to p sees similar margins between the X andso basically the same level of performance with all four GPUs.

Finally with the normal quality preset enabled we see pretty much the same performance from the X and at p using the RXSuper and Ti. Remember this is a worst case scenario for Ryzen which is one of the reasons we wanted to include this game as part of the test suite.

Reducing the quality level to the very high preset sees very even performance with the Super and RX Things get a little crazy at p. We have seen this from time to time in the past and it seems in these CPU demanding titles the added load of a higher resolution can favor CPUs with more resources. Overall though the X and K were evenly matched.

The last game tested is Rainbow Six Siege. Then with the RX there are no margins to speak of. Jumping up to p sees no difference in performance with both the RX and RX Dropping down from ultra to very high sees the same margins with the Radeon GPUs, while the K enjoys a slight performance advantage with the Super and a reasonable performance advantage with the Ti.

The margins are much the same at p between the ultra and very high presets. Lowering the quality preset to High extends Intel's lead with the Ti at p.

For Hz gamers even the was good for over fps at all times when using a very fast GPU where is most of the load resides.

Ryzen 5 3600 vs. Ryzen 9 3900X vs. Core i9-9900K: GPU Scaling Benchmark

Margins with the Super were similar but once you hit a GPU limit the margins are neutralized with the RX and below. The p ultra and high results show much of the same. To wrap up the test we'll quickly look at the average performance across this 4 game sample. With the RTX Super we start to see a larger gap. Core iK: 36 Game Benchmark. After a shipload of testing, we haven't learned anything particularly new but it does cover all angles of gaming performance, CPU, and GPU scaling on a single article.

There is some separation depending on the title with an RTX Super, but even so for titles such as Rainbow Six Siege where the K was a good bit faster using mid-range quality settings at p, that margin was heavily reduced at p and with even the Ryzen 5 allowing for averages well in excess of fps, you have to wonder how much it really matters.Now before we get into it, do note, this article is not designed to change your opinion our ours about Ampere.

For those of you not up to speed, in our RTX review we found that gaming performance at p was not as impressive relative to what was seen at 4K. But simply writing this off as a CPU issue didn't sit right with us. In our review we tested with both the Ryzen 9 X and Core iK and both often saw the same resolution scaling. We noted part of the reason for the weaker than expected p performance was down to the Ampere architecture and the change to the SM configuration.

The two times FP32 design can only be fully utilized at 4K and beyond. This is because at 4K the portion of the render time per frame is heavier on FP32 shaders. At lower resolutions like p, the vertice and triangle load is identical to what we see at 4K, but at the higher resolution pixel shaders and compute effect shaders are more intensive, so take longer and therefore can fill the SMs FP32 ALUs better.

Higher resolutions always tend to put core-heavy GPUs to work better, but they also minimize other system's bottlenecks. We suggested this could be explained by the Ampere architecture's nature which is more compute heavy, datacenter and AI oriented than gaming-first.

If we're seeing CPU performance influence the p results, this will become very apparent with the p data and extremely obvious at p.

Let's get into the results. By the time we hit the p resolution we start to see the CPU limit performance, leaving very little headroom at p.

In other words, we're seeing good scaling from the in this game. As we often see in Vulkan-based titles, scaling for core-heavy GPUs is actually quite good here.

The Ti does scale better from 4K to p, but it's not a significant difference. The margin does widen when going from p to p, but we are starting to approach the hard limits of the CPU. These results are not an example of the Ampere architecture scaling poorly across lower resolutions, but rather an example of a game that does become CPU limited at p even with a fast Core i9 CPU when coupled with a high performance GPU.

Metro Exodus is a bit strange when it comes to performance, though we are talking about frame rates up around fps. Either way, we think these results are very interesting. The Ti and deliver identical performance at p, while the Ti gains more performance when lowering the resolution to p.

Of course, this p performance metric is irrelevant for gaming as no one is going to use it, but it does show how Turing appears to scale better at lower resolutions.

Resolution scaling performance is fairly consistent in Resident Evil 3 between the Ti and Despite what we saw in Doom Eternal, scaling between the Ti and is very consistent in Wolfenstein: Youngblood. Finally we have Hitman 2 which does start to limit the performance of the RTX at p due to the CPU, though we think this is down to how the game is coded.

It will depend on the game and the hardware used for testing. In those games there was no CPU bottleneck at the p resolution, and the same was true for even p. A similar situation was seen with Gears 5 and then some weirdness in Metro Exodus that was likely the result of a combination of things.

Then we found just three examples where you could blame the CPU for limiting p performance, or at least it was right on the verge of doing so: Hitman 2, Microsoft Flight Simulator and World War Z. We also saw three examples where the Ampere architecture scaled very well, at least relative to the Ti: Resident Evil 3, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and Wolfenstein Youngblood. Stay tuned for that comparison soon.Like forming a strong and sturdy chain, each component of a PC setup must match together harmoniously, for the last thing you want is for one of these links to be too weak or misaligned.

The best way to optimize the overall synergy between hardware units is to carefully, and not hastily, plan out the setup based both on manufacturing brand and specifications. With its newfound ability to hyperthread, the iK features a six-core, twelve-thread count that can reach an impressive 4. Speaking of the GPU, this is a component where a good portion of your budget will be allocated to, and as such, you are going to want the best quality and performance you can get for the money you spend.

Contingent to the type of build you are planning to make, the required specifications of the GPU will change, and to accommodate these variations we have created a list of the best GPUs depending on different tasks. Finally, we will also list the best GPUs for those looking forward to playing triple-A titles, and upcoming next-generation games set to release towards the end of the year.

As a gaming machine, average user benchmarks show us that this GPU is capable of effective refresh rates at even above the 60 FPS mark on a p resolutionfor most online competitive multiplayer games. Together with the power of the iK and its hyperthreading capabilities, it may even be able to reach such values for more hardware demanding, triple-A titles.

It has a slightly increased thermal design power of W, though still less than the W of the iK. For those looking to stream their gaming experience, it also has a dedicated software encoder that allows for gaming and streaming simultaneously. When paired with the iK, the GTX Super will easily play the majority of existing titles at well above 60 frames per second on a p resolution monitor — including popular single player titles, as shown in benchmarks from AnandTech and TweakTown.

The reference card features a base clock frequency of MHz, and a boost clock frequency of MHz — though aftermarket models do exist that can reach up to MHz. The effective memory clock speed is MHz, or 14 Gbps. Finally, in regards to power consumption, it requires W; meaning that together with the W of the iK, a W PSU will suffice for most builds.

Specification wise, it is very similar to the Super, featuring a base clock speed of MHz, and a boost clock of MHz. The difference here lies with the aftermarket modelswhere the RX increase both base and boost clock speeds instead of just the latter.

Thus, you can find an aftermarket model with a base clock of MHz and boost clock of MHz. In terms of memory, the two GPUs are identical, both in size as well as in effective speeds. This results in an equivalently small increase in thermal design power of 5 watts W total. All in all, both these GPUs can easily handle competitive multiplayers at p and Hz, while also reaching the minimum 60 FPS refresh rates for most AAA games — results which will be amplified with the processing power of the iK.

If you are looking to save some money, then the Radeon RX is a safe bet, but in the end, the choice will purely depend on your preference between AMD and Nvidia products, as both options are suitable pairings for the 10 th generation iK Intel CPU. For gaming titles that are much more hardware demanding, like flagship single-player games that are known for their remarkable visuals and graphical realism, a much more powerful GPU will be needed. Of course, it does fall back in several other titleslike Shadow of the Tomb Raider Therefore, if one opts for this GPU, have an ample supply cooling will paramount, not only for the GPU but for the other hardware components as well.

If this issue is addressed, then this GPU offers an amazing amount of graphical processing power for its price. Once again, which unit is best for you relies solely on your preference and budget.

On the other hand, if you are a fan of Nvidia and prefer the reliability of their GPUs, as well as the ray tracing built into their series GPUs, then the RTX Super is another excellent choice to pair with the iK. Skip to primary navigation Skip to main content Skip to primary sidebar.

View the GTX on Amazon. View on Amazon.If we're talking pure performance, it's easy enough to point to the best graphics card for gaming and the best CPU for gaming. That sounds like a pretty simple idea, but what followed was quite a boatload of testing and retesting. The final results are in, and that's what we're going to show today.

3900x 2080 super bottleneck

We started with our Core iK results, then retested with the latest Nvidia drivers. These tests all use the Our two test platforms are similarly equipped, though obviously the motherboards aren't the same. You can see the full set of test hardware for both systems to the right.

The motherboard and SSD are different, with the latter not really having any impact on performance. Perhaps more importantly, we equipped the AMD system with DDR memory, which has a slight impact on performance but generally doesn't matter for the Intel test system.

Each test on each setting was run at least three times, and the first run at each setting was discarded because the GPU is often 'warming up'. We then selected the higher of the two remaining results. After that we checked for any major discrepancies and potentially ran additional tests — for example, Borderlands 3 came out with an update during the past two weeks that delivered substantially higher performance at the ultra preset, necessitating a bunch of retesting of that particular game.

This is the baseline for our gaming performance tests.

3900x 2080 super bottleneck

Overall, the iK ended up delivering just 9. Could you notice such a difference? Is the overall result significant? Not really, and things only get closer as we move down the GPU list. Intel only showed a 7. The X actually comes in slightly ahead overall with the XT, and wins a few more results with the XT than elsewhere, which indicates that perhaps the PCIe Gen4 connectivity helps lower end GPUs slightly more — or it may simply be margin of error.

Let's get through the remaining GPUs to see how the difference between the two processors become essentially meaningless for gaming purposes with lesser GPUs as the resolution and quality are increased.The architecture was released back in July ofit uses as a 7nm fabrication process which means it can offer more processing power much more efficiently than 12 or 14nm bases processors.

Currently, Ryzen 9 offers some of the best performance you can find as its fairly new technology. We hope you find the product you are looking for!

Just so you know, we receive a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Thank you for using our links we appreciate it. Professional applications such as video editing, and deep learning benefit from more VRAM. It has slightly more Cuda Cores than that of the TI Proper ventilation in the case is recommended. It can also handle professional workloads such as video editing.

You should definitely go for a PC case with a clear side panel. This is due to the massive memory bandwidth it has, this is where it excels over GDDR6. This is a milestone set for AMD.

The design utilized is the reference design, it comes in at a length of mm which is fairly sensible in size however, always ensure you have enough clearance for the GPU. For 2K gaming, these graphics cards are genuinely more price-friendly, and the performance is usually just enough to run graphically intensive games well at P.

Additionally, the fans have been improved to increase static air pressure. The graphics card is really stylish because sapphire actually invested in the aesthetics department. Without Ray-tracing, you can do frames P with most Triple A games with high-ultra settings.

The cores are clocked at MHz baseand MHz boost. You may experience a slight coil whine when using this GPU. The design is new and unique, the actual cooler is black and semi-transparent which looks pretty cool with the RGB lighting emitting from it. You can control the RGB through the software provided. It also has a backplate to aid with heat dissipation and durability.


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