Digi postpaid 38

You too can be in the know and have a great phone coverage. Now being offered by Digi is there clandestine package. It seems they only want the best of the best to know about it. They are offering Digi 38 and 58 plans for any who wish to either subscribe as a new user, transfer their number over or if you are already part of the company upgrade. The Digi 38 plan offers a steal with unlimited calling to all networks. In addition to he unlimited calling you get 2GB of monthly data.

Worried about internet? His plan also comes with 1GB of high speed internet data daily. This is consistent for as long as you keep your line active. If you opted into the biGBonus data, which is being offered until December 31, the extra data would only be available during 1pm-7pm.

Now how much does this plan cost? Nothing that will hurt, scare, or anger your wallet. This plan has a price of RM38 a month, it is valid for 30 days and offers and auto renewal set up. This plan is always active. If you are in need of more data there are also the RM58, 80 and plans each offering unlimited calling to all networks. If completed online each deal offers the first month free. This new upgraded plan replaces the RM50 plan. That old plan only offer minutes of free call a month.

If you sign up soon, telco will offer a cash voucher for one month of RM Total offer would be a package of RM This plan offers a cash voucher of RM40, to give a plan of RM for free for the first month. The RM, which offers the biggest bang for your buck also gives an extra RM40 cash voucher for free.

Speedtest Huawei B618s-22D + Digi Infinite 150

Landing you a whopping RM for a month free at the price of RM This plan offers 25GB of internet all day and free unlimited weekend high speed internet. Now that is a Christmas present the whole family can get in on. A little more information on the biGBonus, there are 5 plans to look at.Hello, I have recently changed from prepaid to this digi 38 new postpaid plan.

I was under the impresion that i would get 6GB of data all day and 3GB of data on weekends. Hope someone can clarify this. Thank you. Hi that wont be needed as the extra 3GB has been credited into my account today. Thank you very much for your swift action and very responsive actions. Really good service by your team.

Digi 38 new post paid

If you stay in this plan for more than 6 months, automatically it will be upgrading to 6GB for All Day access and 3GG for weekend use, don't worry. For the prepaid balance, we will bring forward to your postpaid bill and automatically knock -off into your first-month bill.

It will not update in the MyDigi App ya. Hi cheanbang. Digi 38 new post paid. Reply 1 Kudo. Message 1 of 35 4, Views. Re: Digi 38 new post paid. Have a pleasant day! I hope my answer helped you! If it has, please click on "This is Helpful" to give it a thumbs up OR if this is the solution you seek, click on "Accept as Solution" to help others find their answers faster!

Reply 0 Kudos. Message 2 of 35 4, Views. Message 3 of 35 4, Views. Message 4 of 35 4, Views. I have recently changed from prepaid to this digi 38 new postpaid plan. The adds mentioned that i would get 6GB of data all day and 3GB of data on weekends. Besides, it was mentioned that I could keep my credit balance after I changed to this postpaid plan.

But it did not reflect in my Digi apps after I suscribed the plan. Hope someone can clarify these. Message 5 of 35 4, Views. Message 6 of 35 4, Views. Thank you for your reply. I requested to change to this plan on 3rd may last Friday but it was only activated on 8th May. In the meanwhile I purchased a prepaid plan which costed RM I thought that the activation was not successful as the ads of Digi new 38 mentions immediate activation which was actually not.

Digi Postpaid Plan 38 Review| Kecewa

On 8th, the prepaid plan has been terminated and I didn't even manage to use that plan. Thank you very much. Message 7 of 35 4, Views. Could u pls check for me? Message 8 of 35 4, Views.Recently, I subscribed to the new Digi Postpaid 38 for my parents.

One of the offers is, they have additional discounts for customers who are above year old. So, here is my Digi Postpaid 38 review. My parents have been using U Mobile for a while and unfortunately, some of the places they usually visit have a coverage limitation issue. As far as we know, only Celcom and Digi have a very good coverage at those locations. See also U Mobile GX68 review.

As you can see in the table above, this plan is so attractive. But one MyKad only applicable for one account only. So, my parents used their own MyKad to register their phone number. So, MB will be used first. Once the daily credit depletes, then only it will utilize from the 9GB allocation.

However, if you really want to port in to this plan, you have to ensure the network coverage at your area is good! No plan is good without good coverage. Recommended for you. Let me know your thought. Connect with D. I allow to create an account. When you login first time using a Social Login button, we collect your account public profile information shared by Social Login provider, based on your privacy settings.

We also get your email address to automatically create an account for you in our website. Once your account is created, you'll be logged-in to this account. Disagree Agree. Notify of. Inline Feedbacks. Load More Comments.Experience postpaid plans with no restrictions, high-speeds, unlimited access and great value. Enjoy as many benefits as your principal line. Buckle up for high-speeds, no restrictions, unlimited access, and great value with Digi Postpaid.

digi postpaid 38

Choose a plan that fits your budget, no hidden charges, no nasty surprises. Own the latest devices with zero upfront payments and zero interest instalments. Pick the same Digi Postpaid plans for each of your family members.

digi postpaid 38

Save up to half the price and still enjoy the same benefits as your principal line. Enjoy phone-nomenal savings with our device offers. Own the latest smartphones and wearables with our no-hassle, low commitment phone offers. Subscribe to one 1 of your favourite add-on deals and save more every month. Get more out of your postpaid plan with an add-on deal of your choice with a month contract.

Ookla trademarks used under license and reprinted with permission. With MyDigi, you can keep track of your own Internet quota, your family lines, pay bills and share internet whenever you want, wherever you want.

Learn more. Digi Postpaid Overview Postpaid. Welcome to Digi Postpaid Experience postpaid plans with no restrictions, high-speeds, unlimited access and great value.

Flexible Plans Postpaid plans with no restrictions, no hidden charges, and unlimited access. Surf, stream, and chat all you want at speeds to your liking. Family Lines Enjoy as many benefits as your principal line.

Devices Save more on devices and wearables with our hassle-free phone programs. Convenience Manage your account, pay bills, share internet, do more with less via the MyDigi app. Hello Plans Made for Everyone, Everything Buckle up for high-speeds, no restrictions, unlimited access, and great value with Digi Postpaid.

Get a Postpaid Plan. Hello More Accessible Phones Enjoy phone-nomenal savings with our device offers. PhoneFreedom The easiest way to own your dream smartphone with zero upfront payments and zero interest instalments. Phones from RM68 Get started with the most affordable range of smartphones.

Hello Bigger Savings with Add-ons.Baca pengalaman saya terlebih dahulu. Entri ini tidak dibayar oleh mana-mana pihak dan apa yang tercatat di sini adalah berdasarkan pengalaman saya dan isteri semata-mata bergantung cara penggunaan pelan data internet kami berdua kerana mungkin cara penggunaan data internet anda berbeza.

digi postpaid 38

Sebelumnya kami menggunakan pelan data internet RedOne. Harganya agak murah. Walhal kami bukan pelayar You Tube dan seumpamanya. Ianya sesuai bagi mereka yang tidak mengharapkan data internet dalam hidup seharian. Agak berbaloi.

Line juga tiada masalah. Free calls hanya kepada nombor RedOne sahaja. Maka akan ada caj tambahan jika anda telefon ke nombor selain daripada talian RedOne. Maka bermula misi mencari postpaid yang lebih sesuai dengan kami. Ada 30GB percuma data internet di mana 1GB sehari bermula jam 1 petang ke 7 malam sahaja. Selebih daripada waktu itu dibekalkan 2GB untuk sebulan. Nampak lebih menarik pakej ini apabila kadar panggilan percuma ke semua talian dengan limit RM70 sahaja.

Malangnya belum sempat kami menggunakan data 1GB internet percuma tersebut pada setiap hari, selagi 2GB data yang diperuntukkan untuk sebulan masih ada, maka 1GB percuma tersebut tidak boleh digunakan. Perlu habiskan 2GB terlebih dahulu barulah 1GB data internet akan digunakan. Masalah Digi Postpaid Plan yang kami hadapi adalah dalam tempoh waktu selain 1 hingga 7 petang, kami terpaksa menambah kuota internet baru kerana data internet 2GB sebulan telah habis digunakan.

Dengan kata lain, sistem tidak akan menolak 1GB data internet percuma pada jam 1 hingga 7 petang selagi 2GB data internet masih ada. Rasa tipah tertipu. Mungkin juga saya tidak memahami terma perkhidmatan sebelum membuat keputusan menukar pelan data internet kami. Oleh itu, saya cuba menukar pelan baru Digi dan membuat permohonan kepada Digi.

Malangnya dalam tempoh 7 hari bekerja, masih juga tidak bertukar pelan baru saya. Isteri pula mendapat mesej mengatakan nombor beliau gagal untuk bertukar kepada pelan baru. Bila saya cuba call talian khidmat pelanggan, yang kedengaran hanya suara perempuan suruh pilih 1,2,3,4 atau 0.

Entah bila dapat tembus ke operator. Robot sahaja yang menjawab. Frust juga memandang data internet penting bagi saya untuk mengemaskini blog. Akhirnya setelah membuat kaji selidik sendiri berdasarkan lokasi saya, keluasan capaian internet, harga dan sebagainya, saya memilih pelan data internet tanpa had unlimited daripada Webe.

Mungkin pada masa akan datang ianya akan disebut Unifi. Namun ada juga kedengaran masalah talian Webe tersekat-sekat beberapa kali daripada salah seorang bos tempat kerja saya, tetapi buat masa ini, inilah pilihan yang paling murah di kawasan tempat saya bermastautin.Can I have more details about this plan? I cant find any info on this plan except from a short write up in LowYat. Hi seanmcs.

Thank you. You can change to this plan online through Livechatnot necessary have to go to Digi store. Digi Postpaid 38 Plan. Reply 1 Kudo.

Message 1 of 16 22, Views. Re: Digi Postpaid 38 Plan. Hi Zanyjojo. Reply 0 Kudos. Message 2 of 16 21, Views. Message 3 of 16 18, Views. Reply 2 Kudos. Message 4 of 16 18, Views. Only new subscribers can get these plan? If existing prepaid and postpaid, can change current plan to these 38 plan? I heard it is only available on selected digi store? If yes can share which store? Message 5 of 16 7, Views. I am having the same question.

Can someone clarify please? Message 6 of 16 7, Views. Hello muhdshariatiI myself have been waiting for digi support's reply on this but so far seems being ignored here. Nevertheless, I have managed to get the details for this digi postpaid It's open to new and existing digi subscribers. Make sure your account is active and not suspended.

Digi Postpaid 38 Plan

Message 7 of 16 7, Views. What to do after purchase online digi 38 postpaid plan without simcard, purchase already succesfull. It seem nothing changed. Everyone's Tags: What to do next. View All 1. Message 8 of 16 7, Views. Have a pleasant day! I hope my answer helped you!The 21-year-old is reported to have been suffering from low blood sugar. Denis Cheryshev and Nicola Sansone are also unavailable for the game against the league leaders, while Andres Fernandez remains out with a knee injury.

Real Madrid manager Zinedine Zidane will be without three of his usual starting defenders and his first choice central defensive midfielder against Sevilla.

Casemiro and Dani Carvajal are both unavailable due to yellow card accumulation in the league (5 each). Sergio Ramos picked up a red card last Saturday against Athletic Bilbao and will serve a one-match suspension as punishment. Raphael Varane played Wednesday against Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League but was pulled off in the 38th minute after hurting his thigh according to reports. While the injury isn't expected to be too serious, the French center-back will sit out this match.

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