Food trends 2020

From designer smoothie bowls to meat-flavored chips, late and early has already been an adventure for foodies. If we could say, this year has already been pretty damn delicious. Whether you are someone who loves to try out the new food trends or someone who just wants to give their regular diet routine a new twist, you'll love this article. As time flies by, we are midway through and it's time to look at the food trends that are set to redefine the industry.

We at College Chefs have done our bit of research and have found the up and coming food trends of Let's take a closer look at the biggest 10 food trends that are coming soon. More and more people are choosing to move away from beef, pork, and poultry. These trends aren't going away any time soon. Many in society are making a conscious decision to make a dietary switch into the plant-based ecosystem.

The plant-based food alternatives are being provided for meat and dairy. They are using the art of cooking and food invention to recreate the dairy flavors from non-dairy products like soy, peas, cashews, and almonds.

food trends 2020

Incae jobs are expecting this trend to grow rapidly. This involves years of research and studies, to make plant-based food items equally delicious and desirable as the real meat and dairy products.

Many restaurants have encouraged veg-forward eating habits. Bywe expect that they will have a dedicated menu for plant-based food items. From organic farming to organic food items, the agriculture lenovo demo password has been taken over by the organic movement in the last few years. But in all honesty, we are not even halfway there yet. From farm animals to the vegetables, there is a gradual organic transition happening now.

Inwe hope the organic movement becomes more progressive. From soil health to grass-fed animals, the certification authorities are going to take over the complete organic food ecosystem. The popularity of natural and organic food is surging and will continue to do so in too. People are eventually going to move away from products with additives and embrace natural ingredients. From probiotic supplements to fermented foods, gut health is one of the more important trends that we believe is going to take off in Food items that benefit the gut health to help create a balance between the microorganisms in your digestive tract are important.

These food items that support gut health might be high on acidity and unusual flavors which will be sweetened by fermented foods and beverages to make it more palatable.

Consuming good food is a greater responsibility that needs to be taken on by people more seriously. Inwe believe there will be greater awareness of quality food consumption. People who are focusing on their health are well aware of the calories they consume. We have always been told chips are an unhealthy snack option and to stay as far away from them as possible. There are new brands in the market that are trying to take over the snacking food options with healthier versions.

With ingredients like chickpeas, beets, quinoa, and kale, these snacks are going to make it alright even if you have the whole bag of chips. They may not be the most appealing aesthetically but is going to satisfy snack cravings effectively.

Expect more of this crunchy trend to build up in We've heard of almond milk and soy milk, but oat milk?When it comes to late-night eats and food deliveries, a new report reveals that people are increasingly turning towards healthier or plant-based food options.

Uber Eats, one of the leading food delivery services in the world, just released its review of the most popular food and travel trends ofas well as its predictions for what people will be ordering more of in Food searches currently accelerating in popularity on Uber Eats include common vegetables like brussels sprouts, kale, and cabbage, but also more "Instagrammable" foods like star fruit and squid ink-infused foods.

Plant-based alternatives like the Impossible Burger and oat milk are also seeing a surge in popularity. Our customers continue to enjoy cabbage, cauliflower, kale, and Brussels sprouts, and given this healthful eating trend globally, we don't expect those to go anywhere anytime soon. In a food culture fueled by Instagram, aesthetically pleasing foods can quickly rise in popularity. Not only does star fruit make for a great social media picture, but the tart fruit also has a number of benefits.

Healthline reports that star fruit is low in calories, an excellent source of fiber and vitamin C, and has been shown to reduce fatty liver risk and cholesterol in mice.

A number of different food items involving squid ink have recently hit the market, including squid-ink burger buns and pasta. The ink is said to add a slightly salty, briny taste to dishes, and may reduce blood pressure or have other positive benefits. Research, however, is mixed and not substantial enough to prove any real health benefits. This year, Google searches for collagen reached an all-time highwith the market for beauty supplements growing exponentially in the US. Reishi mushrooms have long been a staple in Eastern medicine, but people have increasingly been ordering items with the ingredient on Uber Eats.

The ketogenic, or "keto," diet has seen a surge in popularity over the last few years. As more people turn towards the low-carb way of eating, keto diet foods are increasing in popularity as well.

According to Mordor Intelligencethe global ketogenic diet food market is projected to grow by 5. Though brussels sprouts have gotten a bad rep in years past, foodies now are absolutely loving the vegetable — and increased sales year after year are proving it.

Health foods and organic products are expected to increase in popularity as we approach According to Market Watchthe health and wellness food market is expected to see a growth rate of 5. Called the new "cash crop" for grocery storescauliflower has exploded in popularity in the past couple of years and isn't expected to wane any time soon.

Cauliflower gnocchi, pizza crust, and other grain or starch alternatives are rising in popularity as people attempt to cut carbs from their diets. Consumers are opting for cauliflower in particular because of versatility and relatively mild flavor, using it to make an array of recipes that have spread across social media.

Fun with Food

People are turning towards Asian cuisine in in increasing numbers. Vietnamese dishes like pho and banh mi sandwiches are expected to increase in popularity, as is Japanese udon and Korean kimchi. Asian dishes tend to be high in protein and the use of rice noodles is more common, perhaps leading consumers to view the cuisine as a more health-conscious option.

Harissa, a hot chili pepper paste, saw a rise in popularity between andwhen Time named it one of 's food trends. Uber Eats now reports that people are increasingly ordering dishes with harissa as we head intoindicating the spicy sauce may be making a comeback.

A staple of the paleo diet, which saw a huge surge in popularity throughout the decade, bone broth is thought to have a number of health benefits. The liquid rich in collagen is thought to reduce inflammation, boost the immune system, strengthen bones, and promote healthy hair and skin. Ginger is known to have a number of health benefits, perhaps leading to a rise in online food orders containing the ingredient.

The market for chickpeas, the main ingredient used for hummus, grew at a rate of 6. One of the most buzzy food items of is continuing to gain momentum in online orders as we head into As we bid farewell towe're looking ahead to forecast the biggest food trends we'll be enjoying over the next 12 months. From major lifestyle commitments — such as regenerative farming and new ways of eliminating food waste — to the rise of West African cuisine and flour substitutes, foodies and chefs alike continue to demand more eco-friendly ingredients while also expanding their horizons beyond the familiar.

Fun with Food Main Articles Photos. Although the hunt for great sugar substitutes has been on our minds for years, many examples later proved unhealthy, unremarkable or just plain flavourless. For those unfamiliar with the dishes to come out of the region, the trio of tomatoes, onions and chili peppers typically form the base for the vast majority of recipes.

Although you might raise an eyebrow, you'll notice an increasing variety of interesting flours taking over the market in the coming year. Bakers will introduce vegetable and fruit flours into their home pantries think: cauliflower and banana while, according to Whole Foods, will bring more packaged goods with flour alternatives such as tigernut in chips and pastries made with seed flour blends.

According to Whole Foods, some brands are going with 25 per cent mushrooms in their burger patties, for example, while others might strike a balance, using 75 per cent ground beef blended with mushroom and barely yeast. Merging bold and diverse food displays, these tables and platters elevated the charcuterie board beyond the usual processed meats for a truly show-stopping bespoke experience. Inthe tide is turning, so to speak, and is switching gears in favour of "seacuterie" — featuring seafood instead of traditional meats and cheeses.

food trends 2020

Originated in Australia, it's rapidly picking up steam around the globe, and features our current obsessions with pickling, fermenting and smoking — albeit with octopus, shrimp, crab and oysters, among others. In addition, it's predicted that by80 per cent of millennials will introduce kids to more adventurous foods. The new year will be about learning to bridge the gap between basic old-school kids' lunch menus to more sophisticated fare think: non-breaded salmon sticks, organic chicken nuggets and colourful pastas.

Expect that trend to carry over intoalbeit with less soy say hello to healthier, innovative grain blends instead and more emphasis on dishes that are "good for being good" as opposed to "good for being vegan," according to chef Dustin Gallagher. It's easily achievable and embraces a plethora of accent aromatics and flavour profiles that will appeal to non-drinkers and drinkers alike. Whole Foods points to botanical-infused faux spirits for a virgin martini, as a bold, beautiful and flavourful example.

We'll drink to that! Not surprisingly, CBD-infused foods and beverages will continue its upward trajectory in as coffee shops, cafes and restaurants amp up their CBD oil offerings, especially in the drink department, with coffees, teas, beers, wines and sparkling waters. So keep your eyes peeled as your favourite haunts set their sights on attracting customers invested in consuming more eco-friendly, plant-based ingredients.

Although most consumers won't directly see this lifestyle trend in action, it will greatly benefit the globe. In short, regenerative farming is a system of practices that rehabilitates the ecosystem of the farm with a heavy emphasis on soil health, water management and fertilizer use.

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CBD update. Some chefs have ventured out anyway—just look at the number of cannabis cafes that have opened in cities from Houston to Portland. In the legislative issues will likely come to a head and open the door to even more innovation. If you thought food and politics were separate, think again.

2020 Food and Restaurants Trends that will Define how you Eat

Plant-based continues to grow pardon the pun. The rise of data. We get that we are data nerds. Part of what we do is analyzing data that tells us how people are behaving, and why they are making the choices they make.

The companies that manufacture the food products you buy rely on data to make their choices, too. Sophisticated data exists that goes beyond demographics and into behavior—and more and more companies are learning what counts in all the data.

Customer-led innovation. The consumer is in charge more than ever before. Well, try giving them one of your recipes. Some restaurants are now incorporating that level of personalization into their strategy, and we expect to see more of it. Waste and sustainability. Food waste and disposable product waste go hand-in-hand, and while you can still get your to-go box in a pretty package with a bow, you can also find more recycling and biodegradable options than ever.The stars and the data point to pellet grills, new ways to eat veggies, global pastries and more.

Photo by: Courtesy of Traeger. Can you even believe that we're two decades into the s? The past 20 years have been fun for food — kale smoothies, crazy milkshakes, avocado-everything. But you won't be buzzing about any of that in the next 20 years. Here's what will hit your grocery stores, kitchen tables and favorite restaurants inaccording to our survey data, industry research, and our eagle eyes and ears and mouths!

Pellet grills have even, easy-to-control heat — thanks to compressed sawdust pellets heated by an electric rod.

20 foods expected to be on the rise in 2020, from Impossible Burgers to oat milk

Fans "pellet heads" say pellet grilling is the easiest, cleanest and tastiest way to grill and smoke at the same time. Companies like Traeger and Grilla have loyal superfans that share recipes, tips and suggestions for product improvement through Facebook groups — some K members strong.

Wood pellets come in every flavor, from alder and cherry to maple and mesquite. An old barn still stands in the foothills of the Catskill Mountains. The area has been farmland since teh Colonial days. Just north of New York City, the Hudson Valley is made of up towns and communities of growers, cookers, makers and artisans.

It was one of Airbnb's top travel destinations of and a place where people can connect with food and drink at a local farm, distillery, brewery, market or supper club. Its exports, like Crown maple syrupHudson Baby bourbon and Coach Farm goat cheesehave national recognition. The HV is a lesson: the country can have city cache.

With more than 11 million tourists a year, many of them from North America with an appetite for exploring authentic regional cooking Taiwan's eclectic cuisine is having a moment.

Save room for dessert: Win Son's huasheng runbing — kind of like a vanilla ice cream sandwich with peanut brittle and fresh cilantro — will make you rethink sweets. Photo by: Andrew Purcell. Welcome back the Jewish and Eastern European sweet, yeasted babka. Duff Goldman's chocolate babka has reviews comparing it to a 'top-notch, first class bakery," and Molly Yeh's za'atar twist on babka made in a jumbo muffin tin!

She uses a jumbo muffin tin and gives them a savory flavor with za'atar. Download and sign up for Food Network Kitchen to watch! Pronounced ta-HEEN, this chile-lime salt seasoning has been part of the Mexican pantry for decades — but now more and more people are starting to notice it.

Its versatility is endless: Disney's been shaking it on their Dole pineapple whip for years, millennials are sprinkling it on everything from mango to popcorn and omelets.

Try this sandia loca which means "crazy watermelon" — our video has more than 35 million views on Facebook. Look for Wise honey butter chips and Land O'Lakes version of the sweet spread. All Rights Reserved. Consumers have high expectations for veggies ahem, cauliflower : they need to be versatile, nutrient dense, a carb replacement and a meat alternative.

Enter the mushroom — packed with vitamins and adaptogens compounds that can protect the body from various stresses and meaty enough to be mains like this mushroom wellington.

food trends 2020

Look for mushroom extracts popping up in coffee, chocolate and snacks — like jerky and veggie pork rinds.Though no one could have predicted 's chicken sandwich showdown, every year we like to gather 'round the proverbial office water cooler read: an internal slack channel called Delish Pizza Lounge and guess what food trends the coming year holds.

Here's what was see in our crystal ball at the start of this new decade As the worlds of meal-worthy smoothies and plant-based lifestyles collide, you're going to see pea protein offered up in place of powders like whey and collagen, both of which are derived from animal sources.

But the concept of peas as protein source doesn't stop there. More and more brands will take a cue from trendsetters like Beyond Meat and add the protein powerhouse to faux meat alternatives and vegan cheeses.

The last drink of tonight is the first choice we can make for tomorrow. With Dream Light you can rise restored for the day ahead. Some say the "youth" is drinking less because they're smoking more the phenomenon's been dubbed Cali sober. Others chalk up the decline in boozy nights to a rise in Goop-y lifestyles. Regardless, beverage brands are leaning in. New companies offer alcohol-free tipples that look pretty enough to pour in a glass and still feel fancy.

Can we let you in on a little industry secret? All it really takes to make or break a trend is for a storied media outlet to weigh in. You do remember last summer's Aperol spritz dramadon't you? We're not yet sure why, exactly, the Wall Street Journal thinks lasagna will blow up in But because they said so, well, we wouldn't be surprised to see it happen. It all seems a little like bringing sexy back has it been long enough that even JT can admit sexy hadn't actually gone anywhere?

Food brands are clearly already caching on, too: Banza makers of our favorite chickpea pasta recently released their first-ever lasagna noodles. No one asked for the jerky industry to get a shake-up, but here we are. Biltong, which hails from South Africa, is a form of dried, cured meat. But unlike jerky that's cooked and dried out on racks in the oven, biltong is hung to be naturally air-dried.

Perhaps the real reason people are flocking to it?Food trendsnew ingredients, and changing customer tastes are reshaping the way that people will interact with restaurants, bars, and even companies themselves in the coming year. Interested in learning about what kinds of food trends are going to be popular in ? Due to the popularity of Instagrammable drinks, supermarkets and bars are seeing an increase in the interest of glitter wine or even glitter-filled fizzers.

The latter is something you can drop into your drink to make it fizz up like a bath bomb. Glitter wine is, well, extremely attractive and swirly glitter-filled wine. However, one of the biggest food trends in to follow is the rise in even more milk alternatives. In addition to soy and almond milk, you can expect to see more coconut, rice, hemp, and oat milk. This includes gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, vegan, and keto options.

The 10 Best Healthy Food Trends Coming In 2020, According To Nutritionists

Kombucha and other fermented teas became popular a few years back. And, while most industry experts thought it might have been a fad, expect it to become a staple in This means that, in order to appease boredom with traditional cuisine, more restaurants are beginning to offer cross-cultural fusions. Inexpect to see lots of unique fusion cuisine.

food trends 2020

Along with fusion cuisine, you can also expect restaurants and chefs to try and spice up consumer boredom by offering hyper-regional cuisine.

Regional food will be broken into micro-regions. Mexican restaurants will be Veracruz, Oaxaca, Yucatan. Orange wine has been on the rise in certain parts of Europe over the past year or so. Inexpect to see more orange, organic, and biodynamic wines available to consumers. Consumers can expect to enjoy wine grown without pesticides and chemicals, similar to the shift towards organic food years ago.

However, this extends to include coffee-based cocktails as well. Move over espresso martini. Make way for other espresso-based drinks, both alcoholic and not, such as the Espresso Tonic or nitro cold brew drinks that are spiced up with a little something special.

This trend seems to have started way back when cream cheese got a sweet makeover. Before there was dessert hummus there was cinnamon sugar cream cheese spread.

It seems that now that that fad has passed, people are moving on to dessert hummus. Flavours include snickerdoodle, brownie batter, and even peanut butter cookie dough. With the increase in interest of almond butter and the continued love of spreads such as Nutella, expect to see even more kinds of butter and spreads in More flavours of cashew butter, watermelon seed butter, and macadamia nut butter never hurt anybody. Forget about chicken nuggets and mini pizzas.

Inkids will see a menu makeover complete with more choice and range. This means that parents are more interested in exposing their kids to different kinds of food from a much younger age. The plant-based craze is here to stay. Whole Foods noteshowever, that more and more brands will take advantage of its popularity in order to create more meat blends.

This is both healthier and cheaper, for both producers and consumers. In it became an expectation rather than an aspiration that chefs engage in sustainable practices. Chefs note that the increase in experience dining and hyper-regional cuisine might lead to a renewed interest in haute cuisine and fine dining. This coincides with a pretty booming economy in certain European countries and in the United States as well.


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