Hhr front end loose

Worried about potential repair costs?

NHTSA — Suspension: Front Problems

An extended warranty can provide peace of mind. See our lemon odds and nada odds page to see vehicles with no repairs or vehicles with more than three repairs. To see how frequently Chevrolet HHR problems occur, check out our car reliability stats. All years. Chevrolet HHR repairs by problem area. Chevrolet HHR suspension repair cost distribution. See most expensive repairs Worried about potential repair costs? Chart based on repair trips.

The repair cost chart excludes repairs made under warranty, do-it-yourself repairs, and repair trips that include maintenance. Sounded like a worn out rubber bushing. Dealer said it was a worn intermitent steering shaft.

That did make a difference. Also said to plan on replacing it after vacation. Replaced both struts, sway bar links and rear shocks. Much better ride and quieter.

Was starting to make noise. Rear shocks were replaced. Has been acting up since I had about miles on it but tried to put up with it as long as I could. I went to chevy dealer and parts were replaced under warranty. Also sway bar links and control arm bushings are known to fail early on HHRs and cause noise. A formerly trusted garage diagnosed as worn struts. I replaced struts, strut bearings but did not fix problem. Driving on washboard surfaces, and sometimes during hard braking, column would shudder.

Dealer said known condition due to dried seals. Solution is to replace expensive.

hhr front end loose

The popping was due to a bad link pin. Ended up being defective shock. The dealer replaced both struts. I had a clunking noise in the front end. The dealer found the lower left control arm was loose so they replaced it.I've had my car for a while and I finally put new brakes and rotors on thinking that would fix the problem I have changed that arm Springs and my car still shakes.

Guru9FSV8 answered 2 years ago. Caliper hanging up? Not braking evenly? Do a visual check on rotor to see if you see anything odd about the brake surface inner and outer.

Had this on a maxima recently rear driver. Brake surface was weird also. I told owner it needed a new caliper months ago but they elected to put new pads and rotor on and I wasted their money 4 months later replacing pads and rotor again along with caliper. He said pedal feels better also. Also check to see if any bolts are missing on bracket or caliper.

Had this before also. How about checking for a bad wheel bearing or ball joints. These will cause shaking. Tom answered 2 years ago. I hate to admit this but, the first time I put new pads on a car I used a screw driver to shove back the calipers this made them uneven when braking which did make it wobble, also normally it is the rotor needs to be resurfaced.

hhr front end loose

In all the brake jobs, I have never used a device to back off pads before taking caliper off. The correct way to do it is to break bleeder screw loose and relieve pressure that way and this also gets rid of the worst brake fluid in your system.

Down by the wheels is the heated and spent brake fluid in your system. Never push old fluid up through your master cylinder. Purge it out the caliper and add new up top. Fill master before doing this as to not introduce air into your system. Oh yes you are quite right, I had to find out the hard way, done a lot of brakes since then pretty much as you said, didn't have the internet then heck I even will ask for directions.

Hazard lights turn on before engine start up, and remain on for seconds turns off when car turns on Hazard lights turn on after engine turns off, and remain on for seconds.

When I back up the car and when I turn on a curve, either way.HHR, Chevy Clunk when going over bumps. Front Sway Bar Link may not be long enough. Try longer then stock length and see if that works. A mechanic is looking for broken or worn out items. Not design flaws. Let me know if this works. I had the struts replace and the brushings and I still get the noise. Don't understand the problem with the front end.

Bought the car for my daughter as her first vehicle. She loved the car with the Daytona blue color chrome rims and the fin on the hatch.

The car is loaded. After we purchased the car from a local Chevy dealer it started making noise under the front end when she would go over a bump at slow speeds. Took it back to dealer and they said it was the steering shaft and replaced it and it was awesome when we picked it up.

About 3 months later my daughter called me crying saying the noise was back and was worse. I checked it out and it was worse called the dealer and sorry no warranty on repair. So I paid to get car fixed and picked it up and wow good again until about 3 months and now the clunk is back again and they want me to pay again to have the car fixed. This is a known problem. I don't know what to do. I have owned Chevys in the past have been happy but this issue is like no other I've ever had with a vehicle.

Gm needs to do a recall on these cars and get this problem fixes once and for all!!I have a clunk noise in the front end of my HHR. Is there a common problem with these cars? See pic below. No had that fixed dollars took it to a tire repair place needed new tires also, they found broken spring, and boot, replaced both springs, and one boot, noise gone, cost approx.

My Cobalt did this twice. Both times the dealer replaced the steering column. I had a "popping" noise in my G6 last year whenever I would turn the wheel, and it ended up being a lube kit service bulletin is available for this part and should be covered by GM service shops. My husband has clunking in his HHR when he drives over bumps, railroad tracks, etc and we've been told it's quite possibly the wheel bearing. Answer: Most likely it is not a wheel bearing causing a clunking noise over bumps.

If the wheel bearing is bad, it usually makes a growling noise that gets louder the faster you drive. If it is bad enough to cause a clunk, you would have heard it making noise for a long time before that.

The most probable parts making noise over bumps are the front sway bar end links, or lower control arm bushings. More often than not, both of these are bad together and need replaced. If you can get the car in the air, you can check play in the sway bar end links, and look to see if the front lower control arms are down against the subframe at the rear attaching point.

Replace in pairs is advisable for either part. Either step on the gas pedal to the floor and release- do this 3 times within 5 seconds. Or use the information center buttons. See owners manual as well. Also the sector shafts on these cars are very common for making popping noises. This is the shaft that connects column to the rack and pinion. Most common ones were between and model years. I own a HHR miles on it now.

Had front noise problems from day on, July 16, axle broke. Took to dealer 2 weeks earlier found no problems. I would check into the front sway bar end links or front control arm bushings.

Those are usually the two most common things that cause a clunking noise on your type of vehicle. I am looking at buying a HHR and the owner said the sway bar???

I think bushings need to be replaced. What would be the average cost to replace these if I brought the car into a dealership or shop? You may want to check the front control arm bushings as well, as those are known to fail on the HHR models too.

Any of these problems will make a clunk or knock noise over bumps or while turning, like a metal to metal sound. I'm going on my 3rd replacement of rear bushings on my HHR with miles on it to fix the annoying clunking over bumps.So how do you find out what problems are occurring? Any duplicates or errors? It's not us. Don't waste your time wasting ours! If you are interested in advertising a for-profit service, contact us. Find something helpful? Spread the word. Share on Facebook Retweet this page Email this page.

Add Complaint. The contact owns a Chevrolet HHR. While driving approximately 65 mph the vehicle began to shake. The failure occurred whenever the vehicle was in operation. The contact experienced the identical failure on forty separate occasions. The vehicle was taken to the authorized dealer for inspection. The technician stated that both front struts required replacement.

The vehicle was repaired for the malfunction. The failure mileage was 55, The current mileage was 87, Lastly, I have had the brake rotors worked on 4 times by Chevy, and they are now once again in need of repair. I recently took my vehicle back to the dealer for the rattle in the steering and the water leak. I found numerous tsb articles for the issues, but the dealer and GM are claiming the tsbs do not exist. I was told the bushings, and tension rods are the problem with my steering, and they would need to be replaced.

At 52K miles I find it hard to believe these items would fail. I do not understand why GM has not issued a recall for the steering issue as well as for the brake rotors. If you go to any vehicle complaint web site for the HHR you will see 's of postings related to bad brakes.

There are also similar complaints pertaining to the steering.

Loud Clunk/Rattle From Front End

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hhr front end loose

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hhr front end loose

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Chevrolet HHR repairs by problem area

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