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Sleep is essential for the wellness of your mind, body, and soul. Dare to dream about feeling peaceful and balanced. This is the Samina Sleep experience and what it feels like to sleep beautifully every night. Set your mind to sleep mode and dare to sleep healthy! Feel the wave of Goodness while you sleep and wake up better. This organic bed promotes beautiful and healthy sleep with natural sophistication. Layers assure all of your sleep needs are met. Natural climate-regulation for temperature and sweating; comfort and circulatory support; and, many tell us, the best back support.

Dare to dream about healthy sleep with Samina. Bring the Outdoors Inside. Rewild yourself and connect with nature without leaving your bed. No screws, no metal, no synthetic materials, no chemical additives. Experience what it feels like to sleep beautifully and naturally every night. Wellbeing is a total human condition — physical and mental and spiritual. SAMINA is no ordinary mattress; it is an extraordinary system of layers each supporting your and your sleep needs.

With customizable options, the SAMINA healthy sleep system offers a naturally therapeutic solution for multiple sleep issues and body pains like no other bed. Dare to sleep your best sleep. Learn about how your current mattress is hurting you and why a good nights sleep is so important. Additionally, SAMINA offers orthopedic pillows and duvets filled with natural, bioactive materials to balance your complete sleep.

What is an organic bed frame? It is also masterfully created so that no metal whatsoever is in the construction.

As the modern world becomes more aware of how we impact and damage our environment and how we pollute ourselves, we logically want a more organic and eco-friendly world from our food to transportation to power sources like solar energy. No metal in the joints means less EMR and a healthier sleep. Learn more about how this unique sleep system has transcended ordinary luxury mattresses.

samina bed

Today, true luxury is more than just what looks or feels good. It is also about how much good it does. Samina has paired the science of sleep test for kindergarten english the holistic qualities of the human form. This powerful combination incorporating non-toxic metal free materials has made the Samina mattress the last mattress you will ever need.

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We know so much more about sleep and your biological, physiological and psychological needs for truly healthy sleep.

Old forms predated the basics of our modern understanding of sleep science and components like metal springs make no sense.

Samina Beds provide possibly the highest end sleep experience possible. Because they pay attention to every little detail, even things you wouldn't know make a difference.

The result is an amazing night's sleep like no other. There is not a better sleep surface.In order to understand our excitement, you have to know the science and research behind a slant bed and sleeping with your head above your feet. Joan Vernikos; the researchs and experiments of Andrew K. It helps reduce stress, anxiety, depression, on top of giving your organs and body the time to regenerate, your brain to detoxify.

It is a fact that you will die sooner without sleep than you would without food, yet it is only in these modern times that sleep science has evolved to help de-mystify and explain sleep. With that in mind, Dr. Sleeping with the body in a straight position with the head raised slightly above the feet can be a source for better regeneration, improved health, greater vitality and overall well-being— truly restorative sleep.

The bed frame may be adjusted from horizontal zero-degrees to 3- or 5-degrees easily by using different sets of feet. Learn more by clicking here. Horizontal sleeping is a phenomenon we already know something about, namely, the interactions of gravity and the physiological processes in our body—especially our brain.

The field of medicine that explores the effect of gravity on human physiology in extensive studies and trials is space medicine. From space medicine, we have learned some of the benefits of sleeping inclined such as detoxifying the brain, reducing intercranial pressure for relief from associated ailments like glaucoma and migraine headaches, and less stress on the heart.

Inclined sleeping also aids the lymphatic system the system of organs and tissues that rid the body of unwanted materials like waste and toxins as well as improvements in eye, ear and head pressure, heart health, circulation, and blood pressure regulation.

Many people who suffer from heartburn and acid reflux already understand the benefits of inclined sleep to provide relief from their symptoms. But in order to understand our excitement, you have to know the science and research behind sleeping inclined.

It helps reduce stress, anxiety, depression, on top of giving your organs and body the time to regenerate. William C. But naturally how one sleeps is just as important as sleep itself. Amann-Jennson poses the question of the possible side-effects that may come from a straight horizontal sleeping position. Questions science cannot clearly answer now. Intracranial pressure is increased when sleeping horizontally. He states that being in a vertical position for long periods has also been an issue, and for those who work on their feet all day, can feel the effects on their swollen feet and ankles by the end of a shift.

The increase of intracranial pressure has also resulted in hypoxia and hypoglycemia.

samina bed

According to Dr. Other researchers have had participants spend days up to weeks in a horizontal position in bed. This led to changes in their health similar to that caused by gravity deficiency.An increasing number of healthy and young people have also understood that prevention is better than cure and value a good and orthopaedically perfect sleep base.

These days, back problems are among the most frequent health problems. There are many different causes and just as many treatments. In this regard, your sleeping area is of central importance; because sleep quality determines quality of life. Sleep quality can be considerably improved through:. Visiting one of our SAMINA consultants is worth your while; they provide competent advice all about sleep, especially about an electrosmog-free sleeping area and bed structures with orthopaedic and anti-rheumatic effects.

Let go and immerse yourself into the night of dreams. That's important for your health and vitality. Especially after a tiring day. Your body is enveloped with high-quality natural materials that ensure a comfortable, and dry and warm bed climate. Lying and sleeping will be a pleasure for body and mind. It always meets all the biological, medical and orthopaedic, hygiene and material-related standards necessary for healthy sleep. The spine is a complex system in which discs, small vertebral joints, taut fibres and muscles dynamically and finely control the positions of the individual vertebrae.

Such a bed system should not be left to chance or to an inappropriate sleep base during the important regeneration phase of sleep. During sleep in particular, our muscles become limp. Limp muscle fibres do not give support, which has a detrimental effect on the discs and vertebral joints, unless the sleep base provides support and relieves pressure.

This means that during a long sleep the body needs a bed environment that conforms to this systematic physical structure and the fine control of the spine, a bed environment that has been systematically thought through.

From the point of view of modern sleep medicine, a bed system that suits the body has to meet very high standards. During lying, the discs should not get wedged in, the vertebral joints should not shift out of place, the entire spinal system should be supported and pressure taken off it, and the muscles and tissue fibres need a dry bed climate to prevent soft-tissue rheumatism. SAMINA has left nothing to chance, because these requirements are perfectly met with the systematic design of the double spinal support slatsthe natural rubber mattress, the wool topper and blankets made from natural sheep's wool.

Countless people who once suffered from sleep problems now enjoy pain-free and undisturbed sleep with the SAMINA bed system. Start the day well rested! Recharged with physical and mental energy. Without you even being aware of it, your organism together with SAMINA has performed enormous work to regenerate your body and mind. English Deutsch.I wanted to give you a tour, since if you are anything like me, you know the value that quality sleep plays in your health and performance, and you are probably looking to optimize your sleep sanctuary.

For years I searched for the greatest bed on earth. Ok, that's not completely true. I searched, but already knew what the best and healthiest bed was. My good friend has owned 2 Samina beds for more than a decade and a half.

samina bed

I would use one whenever I visited him. So I tried various alternatives like organic futons and mattresses, in an attempt to keep my bedding costs down. After years of chronic pain, and annual or biannual bed replacement I kept buying organic futons, which I now consider short-lived and disposableI was getting tired of… well… feeling tired.

I finally went for it. Calling Samina the healthiest bed on Earth is a lofty claim, so I thought I would back it up with this photo essay, so you can see for yourself what I am talking about. This is my Samina bed. Go here to learn more about the hidden dangers of toxic mold in your home habitat. Just beneath it is the grounding pad layer. What I love about this layer made for Samina by a company called Lokosanacompared to other grounding systems, is that it works through indirect contact, rather than by you actually be in physical contact with the pad itself.

We see this kind of thing happening again and again. The next layer is the natural tree latex padswhich are again covered in organic cotton.

These add cushion to the bed, and somehow have struck the exact balance between feeling firm and feeling soft. This layer is a bit like a tensegrity structure, and each strut supports your skeleton independent of the strut above or below it.

You can see me illustrating that here with a glass of water. Because both halves of the bed are independent, the struts are adjusting themselves to the person on that side of the bed only, personalizing each person's experience. First, I love that there is no metal in the bed at all except the silver mesh in the grounding pad.

Even the frame made for Samina by Luxlet is organic no chemical finishes and fitted together by tongue and groove, making metal pins, nails or screws completely obsolete.I like my sleep.

I know the importance of quality sleep for my health, and I also appreciate that we spend over a third of our life in our bed. As a result, I recently purchased - what I regard to be - the healthiest bed and mattress in the world, the Samina Mattress System. Though some may argue that it could also win the title for the most expensive mattress in the world! Each to their own I guess. At least I know I will be spending my nights sleeping on the best mattress setup that money can buy.

Well after hours sleeping on my Samina Mattress I plenty of thoughts and feedback points that I'm going I'm going to reveal all in this review. Not only is our mattress the place we spend hours a night in close contact with, but it's the most important item in our house when it comes to health. Sleep is when the body grows, heals, fights off foreign bugs, regulates body fat levels, solidifies new memories and allows us to combat an ever toxic world.

Unfortunatley most mattresses int he market are not conducive to health. Instead they're designed for comfort and mass market appeal. Stop and think for a moment, how many people do you know that would buy a mattress based on it's health properties? In this article I show how flame retardants such as PBDEs are found in alarming high levels in mattresses.

Worst, these flame retardants bind to dust particles and make their way into the air when the mattress foam or material is compressed. We lie on our bed and 'poof', we're exposed to an enormous about of flame retardant particles. Breathing in these particles is the main pathway for flame retardants to enter the human body. Inhalation and skin contact with these poisons is linked to a wide range of health problems including autism and cancers.

All this leads to skin reactions, off gassing causing headaches and SIDS in babies, allergies and asthma and mould growth. Glues and polyurethane foam used in mattress manufacturing are high in volatile organic compounds VOCs. Exposure to these VOC's have been linked to asthma, liver problems and even cancer. The newer the mattress, the worst the exposure - this is why a lot of manufacturers recommend 'airing new mattresses' out before sleeping on them. What they're not telling you however, is that this chemical off gassing can take months to normalise.

If you are laying on a chemical filled mattress for hours a night, your nose and mouth are extremely close to the surface of the mattress. A lot of mattresses feature inbuilt metal spring coils. These are marketed as giving more support with less partner disturbance. But these metal springs can act as antennas for non-native electromagnetic fields examples of devices that emit harmful nnEMF include smart meters, cell phones, cell phone towers, wall wiring, wifi routers, appliances, baby monitors etc.

We are already living a nnEMF saturated world, with wireless device use increasing exponentially. There are many unknowns and concerns around the human body being exposed to so many electric and magnetic fields so this is an area of health we need to be cautious of. When you start to uncover the horrible things that are found in most mattresses, you will soon start realising why I spent as much as I did on a healthy, toxin free mattress!

Especially because I value my health and sleep and that of my partners. Also, we plan on having children in the future, no doubt these children will spend time in out bed, so this was more reason to make a big financial investment in a quality mattress. The Samina 'mattress' is a little different to your typical mattress. Instead of one solid mattress - encasing springs, foam and dense supporting structures - that is designed to sit on a slat bed frame, or a solid bed base, the Samina 'mattress' consists of multiple layers.

In fact the company refers to to their product as a 'system' instead of a bed or a mattress.

Need Better Sleep? You Will Love The Samina Bed - Green With Tiffany

I personally do not own a Samina bed frame more on this later instead I have the Samina system which is held up by my own wooden bed frame. You do not sit this 'mattress system' on a slat bed frame, or on a solid bed base, nor is the Samina 'mattress system' designed to sit directly on the floor. This is because the base 'Orthopaedic Flexible Slat Frame' as shown below acts as the base supporting structure of the Samina sleep system.

The Samina Slat Frame after unboxing and before installing on my bed frame. Note - I ordered a Super King, which comes with 2 slat frames to sit side by side more on this later.

This patented flexible slat frame takes the role of the 'slats' or base found in your typical mattress.Thus, the moisture which is often the most important sustenance for allergy-causing dust mites is eliminated. The dry heat allows for a good night's sleep and also has anti-rheumatic benefits lessening the occurrence of a stiff back or neck.

As human beings, we are bioelectrical organisms living on an electrical planet. Scientific studies have shown that when we ground ourselves, free electrons in our body flow more freely. Thus, the body can use the electromagnetic quality of the earth for a better and deeper sleep. Sleeping grounded improves circulation and lessens pain so you awake feeling better and with more energy. It is characterized by particularly superior elasticity and exceptionally good resilience to assure a high level of comfort while sleeping.

SAMINA Healthy Sleep Solution

To ensure an optimal recovery of the back, the spine and the muscles, the ideal sleeping base should support the body just as if it was standing up. The spinal support slats sustain and relieve supports and relieves the body and thus ensure a constant pressure between the sleeper and the base.

Thus during sleep, one has a long term traction of the spine, the intervertebral discs have more space and can regenerate properly, and the muscles are able to let go in all sleeping positions and relax. Pressure marks, muscle hardening and circulatory disturbances can be avoided.

The SAMINA slat frame interacts with the sleeper in a supportive, springy and balanced way - irrespective of body weight. English Deutsch. Contact Login. Bed System.Enjoy a personal consultation and get your free travel pillow. Healthy sleep is the most natural source of performance, vitality and energy. For more than 25 years, SAMINA has been promoting healthy sleep with high-quality organic natural products and unique product innovations. All SAMINA product innovations are uniquely shaped by insights from modern sleep medicine and the more than 30 years of experience of sleep psychologist and company founder Prof.

In view of the increasing number of people suffering from sleep and back problems, healthy sleep is an extremely important issue that is strongly influenced by personal factors. The SAMINA specialist retailers and distribution partners therefore provide competent and comprehensive healthy-sleep advice tailored to individual needs and circumstances. Come and test our products and get advice all about healthy sleep, relaxation, back health and energy. English Deutsch. Contact Login. Make an appointment!

Healthy Sleeping in its most natural form. Free shipping. Free return. Expert Chat Personal Consultation. Bed System.


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