Shroomery wbs tek

Log in or Sign up. Joined: May 27, Messages: 1, Introduction Prepping the grain Cooking and straining Load jars and sterilize Introduction There are many, many ways to prep grains. Most work, but the final result will vary. This tek documents my method for preparing wild bird seed WBS for use as grain spawn. It's the best method, and the only way I ever do it anymore.

There's a popular tek on another site by a member named Doc If you read of "Doc's WBS tek", they probably mean that one. For now anyway, that is. I hope this method will catch on once people try it. I use a three step process, soak, simmer, strain.

This will hydrate the grain perfectly. You want the grains moist and plump, but not overcooked, not wet, and not smooshy. You won't cook it quite as long as you would for people, we humans like our food softer than mycelium does.

How to make your own bulk pasteurization unit for cheap!

This procedure might seem like a lot of work, but I assure you it's the easiest way to get consistently great results. It's worth the effort. Last edited: Sep 17, Prepping the Grain Introduction Prepping the grain Cooking and straining Load jars and sterilize Prepping the grain First, we need to go buy some wild bird seed. Pennington's is very popular, but any kind will work.

You want little to no cracked corn if possible. Corn will make your grains sticky. Look for a brand with less sunflower seed too, we'll be removing the sunflower and it's just a waste of money and time. I use about a half pound of dry wbs per finished quart of spawn- a 20 pound bag makes four batches of ten jars.

Start by rinsing the grain to remove dust and dirt, pollen, insect eggs and parts, and anything else that's on the grain. Use the hottest water you can put your hand in. Swish and swirl the grains to rinse the dirt off. Scoop off all the floating materials. The floater stuff will colonize, it's ok to miss some. But you'll get better, nicer, smoother results if you remove it. Toss the floaters out in the yard for birds and squirrels. I use my hand to remove the floaters but a little net would be easy to use too.

After I remove floaters and rinse away the large dirt, I usually wash the grain with a little drop of soap. It's not always necessary, sometimes the rinse water is clean right away. But if the grains are dusty, a little soap will help. Just a tiny drop is plenty.Log in or Sign up.

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shroomery wbs tek

JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter misterdogman Start date Nov 10, I did not invent this, it is from someone called monstermitch who wrote it. But I do use the method and think it should be passed on fully as it was originally written.

This is not my grow and I am not taking anyones credit. I am simply sharing education and passing it forward. I put this in someone elses thread for a visual but I thought why not give this great method its own thread so you can all see it and get out the knowledge more. I vary my set up a little from this I now put a little fish pump on top even if a very small one so I know it is getting fresh O2 when popping up shroomies.

This is NOT needed but I do it to ease my mind and increase yields. I suggest the first time you dont vary at all just follow detail for detail and you will be rewarded. I use This Method for making monotubs now. I suggest you do the same if you can find the tubs. S u p p l i e s N e e d e d : 35 gallon blue tub with locking lid from Sterilite. I've done much bigger and smaller. This is perfect for me.

To fill this tub, you will need the following: 10 dry pounds of bulk substrate 6 quarts of colonized spawn Hole drill bit that is 2 inches in diameter. Piece of cheap plexi-glass that is 12x24 inches.

It is great. Good point maybe that is why I put up a disclaimer saying it wasnt my grow or invention.

Damion5050's Elementary Coir Tek

Its about the education and spreading knowledge, so boil down the brass tacks bra, whos ignorant in this equation I am spreading info trying to help, your pointing fingers and trying to sound cool.

BTW It is free public information and half of the cannabis threads here started elsewhere So take sound advice and say something nice or nothing at all. So be it So worry about the views and deletions of your own posts. Go get alife and act like an adult. My goal is clear i explained it is not like my inventions or credit Anonymiss Active Member.

I appreciate the post. Fuck Nashbar and his negativity.Log in or Sign up. How you do your wbs Joined: Jun 26, Messages: First off I just wanna say, I thank everyone for not replying "use your search engine. Mycology is a growing field and I find the knowledge of my colleagues on here priceless. Why I am asking this is I seem to have staggering results lately with my wbs. I do the typical 24 hour soak then simmer mins but when i first started donig wbs I used to just load up soaked but still wet grains and throw them straight in the PC and I had great results and am considering doing this again.

I read the other day in a post that soaking in cold water will yield less popped kernels and I am doing this this time but I usually dry my wbs til it is completely dry on the outside and I think in the end I am ending up with too dry of wbs. My main concern is do you guys still load your wbs with a little bit of moisture on the outside and does anyone skip the simmer as I stated previously?

Myco-tek: Doc T's prep method for Wild Bird Seed

I know my kernels have had great internal moisture content and maybe It is even too wet. Please chime in with anything you have to say on this subject and thank you. I went back to Rye, and haven't turned around since.

LarynxSep 10, The trick is to find what works for you. For example I wash my grains well and do a 4hr soak, water at room temp toss them in a pot of raging boiling water for 5 min tops and let them sit in the strainer, and let h2o steam and drip off for about 10 min. This may not work for every one or every brand of wbs. Try test and find what works for you. Joined: May 29, Messages: 3, Location: the armpit of america. Major MycSep 10, It took forever to clean properly.

I hated it with a passion.Please login or register.

The Shoebox Tek (a work in progress)

Author Topic: WBS?? Read times moorhS Sr. Member Offline Posts: Well I tried to knock up a jar of WBS. I referenced a tek that said to remove all floaters pain in the ass if you don't got a mini strainer. I noticed colonization occured faster than one of my BRF cakes I had in there with it. I haven't had any problems just casing WBS and fruiting that way.

I always remove the floaters, mainly sunflower seed. Sunflower seed would be the unwanted one, finch seed usually doesn't contain it. MT Sr. I have had good results with everything I have grown. I just scoop off all the floaters with my hand while I am rinsing the grain. Usually after draining and rinsing three or four times they are all gone. We're not always doing business, but we're always open.

I think I'm going to spawn to straw probally just 12" X 12" to try it out. I simmered for 50min. The WBS was pretty easy to tell when the kernels where full. I found WBS, popcorn, Bailey, and millet, in big clear bins If you can get your hands on Jackal, Werewolf, or Alaskan Timber wolf urine, Id highly advise in doing so, its basically roids for mycelium.

Its free if you live in the correct geographical location. Had bad results though, boy do those animals get mad when you try to hold thier penis in a cup. Quote from: psilocybin warrior on February 23,AM. Are you saying endospores are a myth then?Log in or Sign up.

shroomery wbs tek

In the various methods that I have used to grow cubes, these shoeboxes have been the most successful. I believe that the deep substrate and high spawn ratio provide an optimal foundation for the mushrooms to grow from. I am getting a bit ahead of myself here, so let's begin at square one. Building the Spawn Tub 1.

Buy a pair of plastic shoeboxes. I use the Hefty brand 6. Don't forget to grab the lids. Buy a roll of duct tape. I like the black kind, it looks cool. Start off by taping up the bottom.

shroomery wbs tek

Tape off the short sides. I use the plastic reinforcements on the short side as a guide. Finish up by taping off the long sides.

The spawn tub is complete. Last edited: Nov 20, This step assumes that you understand two concepts: 1. Colonized grains 2. A coir based substrate If you are not familiar with the above techniques, please take some time to read up on the correct procedures.

Both have worked well for me. I'm not sure if this technically qualifies as a traditional CCVG in that the coffee is in liquid form.Forums New posts Search forums. What's new New posts New profile posts Latest activity. Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. JavaScript is disabled.

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Shroom bulk grow. Thread starter archangel Start date Aug 30, Ok now that the fist pf tek cakes did good lets try going BULK. And with luck and advice we'll have ourselves a show heres some pix Rye berries rock if you can find em Was the Wbs easy to do? I heard u have to sift out some of the seeds. Did you have to remove any of the different types of seeds in the WbS. For some reason i cant buy rye berries anymore.

The local shops all say " Our distributer quit carrying them. Letitgrow Active Member.

shroomery wbs tek

I wanna watch this one too! I had to of messed up somewhere. LIG you bulk bags doing anything??? PostedUp Active Member. Did u happen to take out the black bird seed? You must log in or register to reply here.


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